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About Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™


Annie Sloan has been making her distinctive paint since its invention 1990. Annie is the doyenne of furniture painting; Chalk Paint™, a decorative paint by Annie Sloan is a unique paint available in dozens of decorative and historical colours made specifically for painting furniture.

Annie Sloan

Why Chalk Paint™?

One of the many great things about her Chalk Paint™ is that there is very little preparation required (if any), In many cases these means no priming. You can paint almost anything- bare wood, melamine, varnished and waxed surfaces. When it is protected with a wax finish it will dry into durable soft surface which will last for years.


But that's not all, when combined with a varnish instead of wax it forms a heat, water and impact resistant surface which is great for kitchen units, floors and other surfaces requiring a hard wearing finish.

Your Stockist

In September 2018, after 10 years, the Thomas & Lucia shop was closed so that we could concentrate on the services we offer using this amazing product i.e. furniture and kitchen painting. Unfortunately, this means we can no longer sell Chalk Paint™ other than within the context of a commission. However, we recommended Chalk Paint™ stockist No64 Biscuit House in Milford-on-Sea for local and online sales or Dovetails Vintage who also offer an excellent online and in-store service.

To complement the Chalk Paint™ a selection of the main palette of colours are now available in wall paint and satin paint.

Tips & Techniques

There is a huge range of possibilities with Chalk Paint™  such as colour layering, texturing the paint, craquelure, decoupage, crackle glaze, gilding, colour washing & colour waxing. You can find many tips and tricks here. One of the best ways to gain practical experience is to attend one of the official stockist's workshop. Click here to find your local stockist.

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