Painting Was Never This Easy!

Well actually, it has been for over 25 years since Annie Sloan invented her Chalk Paint™. Her paint has become increasing popular over the years and is now a worldwide phenomenon and has given rise to many lookalike products.

The popularity of Chalk Paint™ comes firstly from the fact that there is normally no preparation required, secondly using it is an enjoyable and even a cathartic process and finally its versatility means that you can create many different looks with minimal effort.

It really is that easy to upcyle or re-purpose your furniture or breathe new life into your kitchen/bedroom units and at a fraction of the cost of replacement. And is a more environmentally friendly solution too.

You won't find Annie Sloan products in your local DIY store due to Annie's philosophy of supporting independent retailers all of whom go through retailer training at Annie Sloan Interiors in Oxford. Thomas & Lucia is one of the largest stockists of Annie Sloan products in the UK. Due the aforementioned training and our extensive experience we are specialist Chalk Paint™ furniture painters.

We're Here to Help

You don't need special training to get started with Chalk Paint™. We can provide all the information you need within a few minutes and we have workshops designed to build your confidence and expand your repertoire of looks and finishes.

Our help and advice is just a phone call away or if you are local please come and visit our lovely shop in Christchurch, Dorset. In addition our website contains lots of tips, videos and FAQs as well as download-able information sheets.

Painting Service

We realise that not everybody has the time or wants to do the painting themselves so we also offer a painting service. This can be for a pretty much anything from say a bedside cupboard or chest of drawers to large dressers, sideboards to your entire dining suite.

If your kitchen or fixed bedroom units are looking tired or old fashioned then we can paint those too. It is amazing how a bit or paint, maybe with some new knobs can give you the 'new' look for a fraction of the price of replacement. To find out more about our kitchen/bedroom unit painting service click here.

What Next?

Why not take a look at our About Chalk Paint™ page. There you will find more information about Annie Sloan, Chalk Paint™, a gallery of images, videos and FAQS.

For personal hints and tips on how to get started you can visit our shop in Christchurch. Dorset, email us @ enquiries@thomasandlucia.co.uk or phone 01202 479695.

If you have things you'd like us to paint you can email us photos or show them to us in person at the shop. Often we can give you a quick cost straight away, although for large items or projects like a bedroom or kitchen we like to see it in person and discuss your requirements before quoting.

Our Address is:

Thomas & Lucia
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We are open 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Mon-Sat